Many drug rehab centers have been carefully watching Mexico’s drug war in an attempt to bring public awareness and support for drug prevention efforts. Drug treatment professionals have also been working with anti-drug and human rights campaigns in long-suffering Ciudad Juarez.

In 2007, the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, aggressively waged a battle on drug traffickers. Regrettably the toll on human life has been unbearable. In 4 years, over 28,000 people have been killed. These killings are due to shootouts between drug traffickers and police, opposing drug gangs or slayings connected to drug use. The bulk of these unnecessary deaths take place in the Northern Mexico border area where cartels wage a lethal war over import routes to the United States, check The most noteworthy cartels are the Sinaloa and Beltran-Leyva and La Familia. The Zetas, who offer security to the Gulf Cartel were built from former members of the military and now work privately.

The intensity of killings shows just how valuable these import routes are to the cartels. This is a billion dollar a year business that results in people from the United States becoming hooked on drugs. There is strong pressure from the leaders of these drug cartels all the way down to the petty criminals dealing drugs on the street with dangerous retaliations waiting for those who don’t produce. This means that drugs are becoming easier to get, with lower prices and more accessible to school children and the rest of the citizens of our country. Check out

Though the usual idea of a drug addict is of a low-life who gives nothing back to the world, the truth is far different. Many drug addicts are kids or parents, professionals or the people next door click at this link. Drug addiction does not discriminate and no one in our community is safe from it. In patient drug rehab centers are devoted to getting people off drugs and alcohol through education and treatment. Only by confronting drug use and addiction on all levels as Drug rehab does, will we be able to defend our loved ones from the devastation that drug addiction brings.