Drug Prevention & Education

Through live concert and real stories we’re empowering students to deny drugs completely. 

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Awaken Project

We’re a high energy, multi-scensory experience designed to awaken this generation about the impact of our choices.

Our in-school presentation will engage your students immediately through music – we all can relate to music. Then we’re able to open up and share the stories that can truly empower them to know that choosing to deny drugs completely is an option.

In the News

Awaken Project Assembly Brings Light to STL Heroin Epidemic

Students file into a half-lit gymnasium at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of March 10, greeted by the sight of a drum set and projector screen on one side and a DJ’s setup on the other. Filing into the stands with their groups of friends, students can already foresee this is no ordinary FHN assembly. The Awaken Project is preparing to present their live performance to raise awareness on the effects of heroin on high schooler’s lives…

We’re teaching students drug prevention in a way they’ve never experienced.


Our Message

It’s loud and clear, our message is that drugs are never an option. Not even one time!


On Point

Our message is delivered at the level of the students, in an interesting and relevant manner.


Open Conversation

We start the conversation and open the door for safe communication.

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These amazing sponsors have joined our mission to empower students to deny drugs.