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Through Stories and Music

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Our Message

It’s loud and clear, our message is that drugs are never an option. Not even one time!


On Point

Our message is delivered at the level of the students, in an interesting and relevant manner.


Open Conversation

Our program starts the conversation and opens the doors for safe, ongoing communication with Parents and Educators.

Amazing and Powerful.

The message every student and family should hear.Make a positive choice in your life and don’t try drugs.

Not even once.

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The Awaken Project is an engaging in-school presentation reinforcing a strong drug use prevention message with a live multimedia music event.

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The Awaken Project Team

Jeff Mozingo

Jeff Mozingo

Percussion Extraordinaire

Jeff Mozingo has been surrounded by music his entire life. His father, Don, was a music teacher for 20 years before starting the family business, Mozingo Music, in 1972. After earning a Bachelor of Music Performance degree at Southeast Missouri State University, teaching percussion, and playing professionally for over 29 years, Jeff now runs Mozingo Music with his brother, David. They are committed to furthering music education, servicing each school and music teacher, and helping to benefit their programs. He does numerous clinics for area school districts explaining sound using various percussion instruments keeping music education his main focus.

Along with playing and speaking for The Awaken Project, Jeff currently plays drums for contemporary Christian artist Mark Roach and a latin/jazz band Soul Circus under the direction of Lorenzo Trujillo. His wife Rhonda and two children, Beth & Chris, are all musically inclined.

Joe Richardson

Joe Richardson

Former MBL, Anti-Drug Enthusiast

While Joe Richardson had the honor of playing major league baseball for the Boston Red Sox, his true passion has always been his family and friends, and spreading the word that heroin use will destroy not just your life, but the lives of those around you.

Having personally experienced the ramifications of loved ones using drugs, Joe travels with Jeff to schools across the country to warn students and faculty that addiction and death can happen even after using heroin only ONCE.

News & Feedback

According to DoSomething.org, teens whose parents talk to them regularly about the dangers of drugs are 42 percent less likely to use drugs than those whose parents don’t. However, only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

“The Awaken Project is truly a powerful learning experience for kids. Jeff Mozingo and Joe Richardson share the power of music as a positive influence and the devastation of drug use on our society and families. Certainly a presentation that will move your staff and students by encouraging kids to make good choices.”
– Principal Mark Delaney, Bryan Middle School

“I was excited to bring the Awaken Project to Hollenbeck Middle School…Our students were captivated by Joe Richardson’s conversation and excited but the awesome performance by Jeff Mozingo! The students are still talking about the Awaken Project around school and wearing their t-shirts with pride. Although Joe Richardson’s story is a tragedy, I know his message is mandatory in the efforts to help our kids make good choices. My heart breaks for the Richardson family; I know their son was an amazing young man with such a bright future. Billy Joe lives on in this journey with his father and their friend Jeff Mozingo. I believe BJ’s life lesson will save lives and I hope the Awaken Project can continue to share with our young people, and their parents, that there are no second chances with heroin, not even once!”
– Molly Hamer, Assistant Principal at Hollenbeck Middle School



Jeff and Joe Visit Zildjian!

  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
    Zildjian Welcomes Jeff & Joe
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
    Jeff & Joe couldn’t be more thrilled to be added to the Zildjian roster!
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
    The room where Jeff picks out his cymbals…wow! (1/3)
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
    The room where Jeff picks out his cymbals…wow! (2/3)
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
    The room where Jeff picks out his cymbals…wow! (3/3)
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!
    Joe relaxes as Jeff takes his time picking out the perfect cymbals for the Awaken Project.
  • Jeff & Joe Visit Zildjian!


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Contact Us now to request more information about our Drug Prevention and Education Program designed for presentation in Schools – late Elementary through High School.

Designed with the message that there are no safe drugs and drugs solve no problems.

Clearly put, Not even one time!

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